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JULY 2024
Andrew joins the cast of SOFT POWER by David Henry Hwang and Jeanine Tesori. The musical-within-a-play is directed by Ethan Heard and choreographed by Billy Bustamante. Performances run August 6 - September 15 at Signature Theatre

A visionary musical fantasia by Tony Award winners David Henry Hwang (YELLOW FACE, M. BUTTERFLY) and Jeanine Tesori (FUN HOME, KIMBERLY AKIMBO).


After the 2016 election, when a Chinese American playwright is attacked by an unknown assailant, he hallucinates a Golden Age musical comedy about a Chinese theater producer and Hillary Clinton falling in love. Hilarious and biting, this political satire dares to ask: Does American Democracy still work? And is it worth believing in? An exhilarating ride through political absurdity with a face-off between Chinese and American exceptionalism, SOFT POWER makes an electric debut in the nation’s capital.

JUNE 2024
Andrew shoots more digital commercial spots for HEMLIBRA.

MAY 2024
Andrew joins the experimental workshop of SOFT POWER, a musical-within-a-play by Tony Award winners David Henry Hwang and Jeanine Tesori. The piece is directed by Ethan Heard, choreographed by Billy Bustamante and produced by Signature Theatre.

MAY 2024
Andrew joins a concert reading of TO BE A GLOUCESTERMAN, a new musical written by Melville Brown and directed by Karin Baker. 

MARCH 2024
Andrew joins a work session of Mary Liz McNamara's BODY AND SOUL, a new musical starring American Horror Story's Jamie Brewer. The session is directed by Laura Brandel.

Andrew hosts a private reading of their third play, THE INVENTION featuring Renée Albulario, Rudy Bamenga, Andrew Cristi, Michael DeSouza, Rachael Ferrera, Renee Rogoff and Nicholas Yenson. 

Pesky pronouns, race play, trigger words; THE INVENTION is a cringe-filled social experiment that traverses through past, present and a precarious future. Laugh 'til you cry (or not) as Balthazar, Getty and a slew of other miscreants muddle their way through history, weird culture wars, and humanity's never-ending search for hope. 

Andrew sings LOVE RIDDEN by Fiona Apple in a new music video, produced by
Little Otter Productions

Andrew hosts a private reading of their play, S-X CARE. The reading features Rachael Ferrera, Gabrielle Mariella, Marc delaCruz and Carlos L. Encinias

Bonfire Theater Group hosts a private reading of Andrew's play, S-X CARE, featuring Alison Cimmet, Jenn Gambatese and Andrew Cristi.
Andrew joins the cast of Goldrich & Heisler's EVER AFTER, a new musical based on the 1998 film starring Drew Barrymore. The workshop is directed by Marlo Hunter

Andrew books a commercial for SALESFORCE through Beth Melsky Casting!

JULY 2023
Andrew shoots more digital commercial spots for HEMLIBRA!
JUNE 2023
Andrew shoots digital commercial spots for HEMLIBRA. 

JUNE 2023
Andrew joins The PGE Voices of America Writers Workshop led by David Davila.
Andrew plays "Mother of Shogun" in PACIFIC OVERTURES at Signature Theatre,
directed by Ethan Heard
Andrew joins the cast of BARREL MEN by Tyler Dobies. The reading is presented by Primary Stages and Pan Asian Repertory Theater.
JUNE 2022
Andrew enrolls in a five-week writing course with Darci Picoult to improve his playwriting.

MAY 2022
Andrew sings "To Be A Star" from SAN, a new musical by Gosz & Fotos.
Watch the music video here.
San tells the life story of esteemed Mardi Gras designer San Nicholas. Growing up in poverty in the 1930s French Quarter of New Orleans, San discovers his love for art, despite adversity. After a trauma-filled childhood, San works to pay for a one-way ticket to New York City to pursue fashion design. After run-ins with notable faces of the 1940s, a period of self-discovery, and his first taste of success, San is forced to leave it all behind when tragedy strikes at home. San Nicholas finds himself back in New Orleans, penniless, when an opportunity to work in Mardi Gras comes his way, putting his design skills to the test in ways he never thought existed in New Orleans. San Nicholas finds that Mardi Gras is where he is truly able to be himself and express himself through his art, eventually leading to his crowning as King of Mardi Gras.

MAY 2022
Andrew sings at 54 Below in J. Oconer Navarro's BREATHE. Get tickets here.
MAY 2022
Andrew plays "Kanno" in the 29 hour reading of Timothy Huang's PETER & THE WAVE, hosted by Prospect Theater Company and directed by May Adrales

APRIL 2022
Andrew books a print ad through Lauren Charkow Casting!

Andrew sings at 54 Below in NYMF's Musical Theatre Writing Finalists Concert. 

Andrew plays "Nhan/Khue" in VIETGONE, directed by Pirronne Yousefzadeh
Performances run September 28 - October 24 at Geva Theatre Center.

Andrew books an industrial for FACEBOOK.

JUNE 2020
Andrew can be heard on the studio cast recording of Timothy Huang's AMERICAN MORNING. The digital album will be released on Friday, June 19th. 

Andrew plays "Queequeg" in the World Premiere of MOBY-DICK by Tony Award nominated composer Dave Malloy and Tony Award winning director Rachel Chavkin. From the creative team behind A.R.T.’s 2015 production of NATASHA, PIERRE & THE GREAT COMET OF 1812 comes a new musical adaptation of MOBY-DICK. As Ishmael, Captain Ahab, and his crew pursue the elusive great white whale aboard the Pequod, Herman Melville’s nineteenth-century vision of America collides head-on with the present.

Performances run December 3 - January 12 at A.R.T

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